Kayak the gentle waters of the Middle Navua River

Discover the heart of Vitu Levu by kayak, floating past remote farms and villages, and taking in the verdant jungle interior at a relaxed pace.

  • Morning pick up from the resort at 8am
  • Return at 3-4pm

The Experience

Explore the incredibly calm Middle Navua River by inflatable kayak, where your paddle slicing through the waters will often be the only sound you hear. Take a short hike to Wainikavou Waterfall, whose name roughly translates to “Water of the Renewed.” Stand under the cascading falls to renew your spirit, followed by a dip in the fresh, clear pools. Enjoy a delicious mid-day picnic lunch on the beach prepared by your guides. You’ll board a motorized longboat for the remainder of your journey, passing through a breathtaking canyon dotted with waterfalls, watching as tropical birds.



  • Off property
  • Available year-round

+679 345 2100