Receive a traditional warrior welcome

Experience the spirit of Nanuku on arrival with a traditional Fijian welcome.

The Experience

On approach to Nanuku’s port cochere, a warrior will beat a lali (wooden drum) signaling your arrival. You will be met and welcomed by your itokani (buddy) dressed in full Fijian dress as a village chief. As he offers you a bu (freshly picked young coconut) and places a tekiteki (flower) behind your ear, the rhythmic beatings of the lali will be joined by the sounds of a conch shell being blown by another warrior. As your itokani guides you to the Club House, he will explain the significance of the costumes, and each traditional ritual, enriching your experience of legendary Fiji from the very beginning.



  • Complimentary for hotel guests.
  • In cases where guests arrive after 5pm, the warrior welcome is arranged for the next morning.

+679 345 2100