Sleep under the stars on your own private island

Enjoy our private, desert island all to yourself in this incredible overnight safari experience.

  • 2pm departure
  • Overnight stay
  • Morning departure from Nanuku Island at 7am

The Experience

Sail the crystal-clear turquoise waters along the fringing reefs of Beqa Lagoon to reach Nanuku Island, your own private island paradise of white sandy beach covered with swaying hundred year-old coconut trees. Enjoy the afternoon exploring the sandy trails that meander through shaded rainforest canopy, or linger along the coast, where you’ll take in the rhythmic lapping of the gentle waves that surround you from all sides. Keep your eyes peeled and you might even spot a leatherback turtle returning to hatch and bury its eggs. Enjoy a cocktail as the evening sky turns an incredible shade of pink before the sun dips below the horizon. A customized BBQ dinner follows, along with a roaring beach bonfire where you’ll gather around to hear of Fijian myths and legends passed through the generations. Safari tents will be set up for you on the beach or you can sleep under the stars.



+679 345 2100


  • Off property
  • Available year-round
  • There are two flushing toilets on the island and a freshwater shower on our Nanuku 1 boat or we can arrange shower bags.
  • You will have communication with our staff who will be staying on Nanuku 1 nearby.