Sustainability and Community

Batiwai Program: Nanuku Community and Environmental Activities

Nanuku’s commitment to sustainability is encompassed within its Batiwai Program. Batiwai is the collective name of a local tribe, implying a shared connection between the various surrounding villages and communities. In English, Batiwai means “edge of the water’ which is a major focus area in Nanuku’s sustainability efforts.

Nanuku’s vision for community outreach is to foster sustainable development, empower local communities, and create meaningful partnerships that positively impact people’s lives while preserving the natural beauty of the region.

Coral Planting

Coral Planting Program

Our staff and guests actively engage in coral reef conservation through Nanuku’s coral planting program. Guests can join Marine Biologist, Kelly Dawn and Environmental Scientist, Waseroma, to plant corals and contribute to our reef restoration efforts. This hands-on experience educates visitors about the importance of coral reefs and fosters a sense of responsibility toward marine ecosystems. To date, our team has planted over 300 coral fragments into the nursery

Mangrove Planting

Each month, resort staff and guests participate in planting mangroves along the foreshore of Serua, especially in areas vulnerable to erosion. A dedicated mangrove nursery at the resort nurtures seedlings, which are later transplanted to the foreshore once they reach a suitable size. To date, our team has transplanted over 15,000 propagules along the coast.

Mangrove Planting

Organic Garden

Nanuku Resort features an organic garden that produces fresh, pesticide-free produce for the resort’s kitchens. This garden not only reduces the carbon footprint associated with food transportation but also provides guests with fresh, local ingredients. It serves as an educational space where guests can learn about sustainable agriculture practices.

Waste Reduction and Recycling

The resort has implemented comprehensive waste reduction and recycling programs. Single-use plastics have been minimized and replaced with alternatives like reusable containers and biodegradable materials. The resort also installed a water refill station that allows our staff and guests to use their reusable water bottles.

Energy Efficiency

Energy efficiency is a key focus at Nanuku Resort. The resort utilizes energy-saving appliances and lighting systems throughout its facilities. Additionally, guest rooms are designed with energy-efficient cooling and heating systems to minimize environmental impact. Our use of sunset and sunrise sensors allows for the spotlights and garden lights to automatically switch off at dawn without having to rely on staff to remember to switch all the lights off on our 500-acre property

Water Conservation

Nanuku Resort rigorously practices water conservation measures. Low-flow fixtures are installed in guest rooms and public areas to reduce water consumption.


Community Engagement

Nanuku Resort collaborates closely with local communities to promote environmental awareness and sustainable practices. The resort supports local schools and organizations with educational programs focused on conservation and sustainability, fostering a collective effort to protect Fiji’s natural environment.

We also support the local hospital by donating bed sheets, pillows, covers and beds for the radiology departments. We have also supported the local vocational school by donating a stove and refrigerator to help the students with their culinary classes.

Twice a year, Nanuku hosts a team of overseas based medical professionals who are then sent out to the 6 neighboring villages to provide medical screening for the residents. Giving back to the community is something that we are very proud and determined to do! We also support our furry friends with donations of towels and linen to the SPCA!

To learn how you can get involved, read about our Pack for a Purpose program.

Environmental Awareness Presentation

Nanuku Resort offers an Environmental Awareness Presentation activity for our guests. This presentation, led by our Environmental Scientist Waseroma and Marine Biologist Kelly Dawn, educates guests about the resort’s sustainability initiatives and the importance of environmental conservation. The interactive session covers topics such as coral and mangrove planting, waste reduction, and water conservation, encouraging guests to adopt eco-friendly practices during their stay and beyond.

Celebrating Environmental Activities

Nanuku Resort celebrates various environmental activities to raise awareness and encourage participation. Events include World Oceans Day, Earth Day, and International Coastal Cleanup Day. During these celebrations, guests can participate in activities such as beach cleanups, tree planting, and educational workshops. These events highlight the resort’s commitment to environmental stewardship and provide guests with meaningful ways to contribute to conservation efforts.

These initiatives and stories reflect Nanuku Resort’s unwavering commitment to environmental sustainability. By integrating these practices into daily operations and involving guests in conservation efforts, Nanuku not only preserves the natural beauty of Fiji but also inspires others to join in protecting our planet.


In 2019, Nanuku was the proud recipient of The Travel Awards, Sustainable Tourism Company of the Year. In 2023, Nanuku also was a finalist and recipient of the Bronze award for our Corporate Social Responsibility efforts from the Fiji Excellence in Tourism.

Excellence in Tourism Sustainability Award

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